Terms and Conditions

(Please read in full)

Important information


• The student (you) must be in possession of a valid provisional licence to train towards acquiring their car licence. If glasses or visual aids are required for driving, students must arrive with these in or on their person. The instructor’s vehicle is insured for all students in possession of a valid provisional or full car licence holders with the consent of the instructor.


• The cost of your driving lessons and payment types will be agreed prior to your first lesson and again at the beginning of your actual lesson.


• In general, you will pay for lessons in advance or on the first lesson. Your first lesson will require payment at the start with an additional agreed payment. This additional payment will be used for cancellations when the notice period is less than 48 hours. If all planned lessons go ahead, this payment will be used to cover the instructor’s time and the use of car for the test period (this does not include the test fee costs). Additional time can be allocate period to test at the agreed rates.


• Theory and Practical tests are not included in any of the prices. Theory tests and practical tests must be booked appropriately against the timeframe of the training programme. The instructor can and will offer information and advice and support students where required. If a student commits to a test date and does not complete sufficient training prior or is not deemed as ready for test, then use of the instructor’s vehicle will not be granted for use. Only students ready for a test, will be allowed to test in the instructors vehicle.


• During your training, you will receive high quality against your level of ability and understanding. The instructor will behave in a professional manner towards students at all times and the instructor will avoid physical contact with a student except in the event of an emergency or if the situation calls for it, such as first aid. The vehicle is fitted with dual controls and the instructor will use these controls as deemed necessary.


• Students are to act in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times whilst undergoing instruction. Unacceptable conduct towards the instructor, pedestrians, vehicle and other road users may result in the lesson coming to an end early and the rest of the lesson terminated. Threats of a physical and verbal nature will not be tolerated and may result in termination of lessons and could be reported to the authorities for further action.


• The instructor holds the rights to reschedule training at any time to an agreed date and time. In all cases, the instructor will plan to ensure all lessons happen on time, however in the event of an emergency, illness, break down, traffic conditions or adverse weather this will not always be possible. When unforeseen circumstances arise, the           instructor will contact the student to inform.


• Students that are attending weekly lessons and wish to cancel a lesson, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be given to receive a full refund of a rescheduled lesson. Less than this notice the full payment will not be refunded.


• Students who have booked a Fast track course and wish to cancel, 2 week’s notice is required for a full refund of a rescheduled course. Less than 2 week’s notice, the full payment will not be refunded. The section also applies to motorway experiences and confident booster courses.


• If the instructor suspects the student being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the lesson will be suspended and payment will not be reimbursed. Likewise, if a student has taken medication that could affect their driving ability, they must declare this and the start of the lesson which will be terminated and payment will not be reimbursed.


• On passing your car practical driving test, the instructor cannot be liable for any errors made by a student after the test has been conducted. We recommend that you book onto the motorway experience prior to attempting motorway driving for the first time to ensure you are confident in driving in higher speeds.


All complaints must be made in the first instance to Ben Creed by email to ben@train2evolve.co.uk

Our aim is to resolve all complaints in a professional manner and resolve any issues where possible.


A copy of this document will be given on your first lesson to be agreed and signed